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17. November 2008
Press conference in Dresden

Chess as a curriculum subject is steadily gaining popularity in schools. The meta-analysis, "Klüger durch Schach" (Smarter with chess) by Maron Bönsch-Kauke, sets a new benchmark for chess research. On the occasion of the 2008 Chess Olympiad in Dresden, Germany,  the German Chess Foundation announced new developments in the area of  chess as a school subject. Those interested should have been in Dresden to hear all about primary school curriculum chess and why chess-playing children perform better all round.

The main points in brief:

    *  Why a new school subject should be introduced
    *  Why chess should be introduced in the first school year and for which school grades it is
    *  Explanations for the enhanced learning capacity of the child and the resultant lasting
        improvement in school performance and marks.
    *  Explanations for school directors, teachers and psychologists of the improvement in the
        social behaviour of chess-playing pupils.

The speakers included Dr Marion Bönsch-Kauke, academic and psychologist of transatlantic renown, whose seminal work on the character of chess is a meta-analysis of gravitas and incomparable reach. All relevant research has been encapsulated and crystalised in this thorough insight into the scientific research on the value of chess. Also at the podium was Detlef Koch, chess educationalist and member of the board of the German Chess Foundation, who reported on his practical experience as a chess teacher at the Dom and Marli primary schools in Lübeck, north Germany. He shared his observations regarding the changes in attitude to learning and social behaviour among the pupils.

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