Project South Tyrol
In the school year 2007/2008, the experiment “school chess” was implemented in the primary school St. Georgen in the school administrative district Bruneck under the aegis of the South Tyrol Chess Academy in Meran. The project is being continued – the children can continue to learn and play.

Pedagogic goals are as follows:
Development of the personality
Formation and the increasing of expert competence
Dealing successfully with one's own strengths and weaknesses
Strengthening perseverance
Acquiring social skills
Learning strategies etc.
With competent guidance and a situation-oriented approach, Alexander Wild, the Tyrolean national champion 2000, achieved astonishing results. These have been documented in an evaluation paper dealing with the school experiment.

Alexander Wild, born 1960, has  many years of experience as a chess trainer in schools and associations in South Tyrol. Since 2003, he had dedicated himself solely to chess instruction in primary schools. In the year 2000 he won the South Tyrol national championship, he possesses the First National Category and since 1999 is a youth trainer recognized by the CONI – FSI. At  present he is collaborating with the German Chess Foundation and his experience is invaluable in the field of school chess instruction.