Chess as a school subject also in the Schule Marli
The Schule Marli in Lübeck is open to the idea of chess classes in school

Since the end of the summer holidays in 2008, the Marli School has begun to introduce chess lessons into the school curriculum as a required subject for the first classes. Headmaster Glaser is enthusiastic as he is aware of the high educational value of this project for his pupils. In the interim phase a chess workshop has been established for the second through fourth classes which is supervised by the specialized chess teacher.
Here is a personal statement by the headmaster of the school, Mr. Glaser:

“The Schule Marli  is a primary school in Lübeck. Our school program lays emphasis on the encouragement of the children’s individual talents as well as on the development of their personalities. As chess is not merely a game but, as has been proved, also improves school performance generally, the implementation of chess as a school subject is a sensible and important contribution to the development of personal achievement potential as well as the development of the child’s personality altogether. As we do not only want to reach a few interested “brain athletes” but as many children as possible – also disadvantaged ones – from the school year 2008/2009 onwards, chess lessons at the Schule Marli will be an established, voluntary addition to the curriculum. We are grateful to the German Chess Foundation who has made this possible and also to our chess teacher, Mr. Detlef Koch who is conducting the lessons with great commitment.”
A. Glaser, Headmaster