Our Projects


General information on the projects of the German Chess Foundation

projekt_allgemein_web.jpg blank.gif The projects are managed on-site by competent personnel. Their activities encompass the areas of research and instruction as well as the distribution of publications at home and abroad. The German Chess Foundation sees itself primarily as providing a service. The projects are to further the goal of using chess as an instrument for the advancement of the personality in its entirety.


Project: Chess as a school subject at the Dom-School in Lübeck

unsere_projekte.jpg blank.gif In 2006, the Dom-School introduced chess into its curriculum as a school subject. Initially with a small group of sixteen children, lessons were held in the afternoon on the premises of the “supervised primary school”. Today, three year-groups are receiving chess instruction, by the year 2009 all the classes will be taking part in the chess classes. The children will receive instruction in chess throughout their entire primary school years.



Project: Chess as a school subject at the  Marli School in Lübeck

marli.jpg blank.gif The Marli School commenced with chess as a school subject in 2008. The second through fourth grades take part in the substitute offer of a chess workshop until all grades can be included in the project and receive chess instruction as a regular school subject. This will be the case by the year 2011.