Press conference in Dresden November 17, 2008
Chess as a school subject is finding increasing popularity in schools. The meta study “Klüger durch Schach” (More intelligent through chess) is setting new standards in chess research. Just in time for the Chess Olympiad 2008 in Dresden, the German Chess Foundation is presenting new developments in this field … more


Chess is now a school subject at the Marli School in Lübeck
Since the end of the summer holidays in 2008, the Marli School has begun to introduce chess lessons into the school curriculum as a required subject for the first grades. Headmaster Glaser is enthusiastic ...more

schachfiguren.jpg   School chess project in South Tyrol
In 2007 and 2008, the experiment “school chess” was carried out at the primary school St. Georgen in the school administrative district Bruneck. The project is being continued – the children can continue to learn and play... more